Episode 4: Death

Every week we talk to normal people about the things everyone experiences in one way or another, but rarely talk to others about. This week, we hear about death. Why are we afraid of it? What happens? How can we face it.

In this episode: 

We talk to Roy. He is in his late eighties and was a doctor for his whole professional life, so he has experience with death from a professional and personal angle.

We talk to Chloe who has been writing her own eulogies and leaving instructions for how her funeral should go since she was a little girl.

Our artist this week is Lucia Misch performing her piece Throwout Bearing, Drop Pocket, and How It Maybe Happens. Lucia grew up at an astronomical observatory near San Jose, California, and began writing and performing at fifteen. She placed second at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam, has been a member of the Vancouver Slam Team, and continues to perform and teach poetry across North America. Lucia has written and presented spoken word pieces for organizations including Human Rights Watch and the United Food Workers Union Women's Network, and at events such the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and The Vancouver Writers Festival. Last year she was a ArtStarts project poet in residence at a Tswassen high school, and the featured performer at Hullabaloo 2015, BC's youth poetry festival. For more info go to https://www.facebook.com/LuciaMisch

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Life, Right? is Joel Grinke and Andrea Lowen

Theme Music by Matt Grinke

Underscoring by Peter Abando

Mixing by Rick Colhoun

Posted on November 9, 2015 .